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April 10, 2013

Criminals will ignore any gun laws

The Daily Star

---- — To all you people who think taking law-abiding citizens’ guns away and registering their guns and regulating how many rounds can be in the clip is going to make a safer society — think again!

Do you people think criminals are going to register their guns? No, they will not. The criminals will always have better guns than the law-abiding citizens. The criminals don’t care what the law says or if their gun is registered.

No matter what, the clip will be full whether it is 10 rounds or 30 rounds; they don’t care about the laws. The fact is the criminals will get guns one way or another. Whether it’s by stealing them or buying them out of the trunk of a car. The Safe Act will not stop the criminals. So stop and think about what you are saying about criminals not having guns. We need help with the mentally ill and tougher laws for gun crimes. Stop trying to penalize and belittle law-abiding citizens.

Anthony Effner