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June 11, 2014

In Your Opinion: Lawlessness is our nation's worst problem

The Daily Star

---- — It seems there is a terrible epidemic that has taken over our country these days. Tens of thousands of people are kiled by this problem. Everything from highway fatalities, to gun violence, illegal drugs and gang violence, just to name a few. This terrible problem is called lawlessness.

I realize this writer is not perfect. We all make mistakes, some of them bigger than others. Lawlessness these days isn’t always caused by poor, dysfunctional people, either. It includes people who drive too fast, steal from stores, doctors who rip off the Medicare system, and even politicians and so-called “professional” people who are supposed to know better, but don’t.

I’m sure lawlessness is one reason why our taxes are so high, too. Every speeding ticket, robbery and all other crimes means we have to hire more police, investigators, more security and more use of public money.

I don’t understand why some people get so upset at the police when they get a traffic ticket for speeding or talking on their cellphone, just to name a few. According to the National Traffic Safety Administration in 2010, 32,999 people were killed on our nation’s highways — and it costs our society billions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, “billions of dollars” will never bring back a human life from the dead, either.

There is an easy cure for this epidemic called “lawlessness.” Why don’t we all try to stay out of trouble and help our country, not ruin it.

Robert A. Caffee