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June 18, 2014

In Your Opinion: Pondering the right wing in America

The Daily Star

---- — Things to ponder:

• Those accusing President Obama of increasing our debt are being deceitful. Spending is less than President Bush’s except for the annual $900 billion costs on Bush’s GOP-approved spending. Six years’ worth equals $5.4 billion, 25 percent above our annual budget. Costs would have occurred even if McCain or Willard were elected.

• Right-wing Russian oligarchs, now billionaires who grabbed all government assets, support Putin as a dictator to maintain fascism. Fascism, a government of, by and for corporations, needs a dictator to protect its existence. Dictator examples are Hitler and Mussolini, ones we fought and crushed in World War II at great expense.

• Five embarrassing Supreme Court “judges” are doing all they can to turn the U.S. into a fascist state with Citizens United and McCutcheon ignoring a constitutional government “of, by and for the people.”

• The right wing includes skinheads, Nazis and domestic terrorists like the man and woman who just murdered two policemen and a woman; and the rancher who threatened federal officers with assault weapons. Plain and simple, this is the type of government you are asking for when you vote right wing. You are blind if you can’t see it.

• Felons supporting right-wingers need easy access to assault weapons. Right-wingers strongly support no checks on prospective purchasers who may be mentally ill, a felon, or both. I do not oppose gun ownership for most people. My check took about a minute.

• “Armchair heroes” rant on volunteering your son or daughter to die or be maimed in wars we will not win, and in wars not ours to fight. I suggest collecting enough money to buy all such congressmen an M-16 so they can drag their butts to the front lines to prove their commitment.

Charles F. Pierce