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Letters to the Editor

June 29, 2014

In Your Opinion: Stammel not consistent on positions

Andrew Stammel’s June 4 letter makes the assertion that my previous response to him on May 28 is “riddled with logical and factual inaccuracies.” He makes this claim but makes no argument supporting it. 

Instead of backing up this assertion by pointing out these “inaccuracies,” he goes on to contradict himself from his original May 3 letter about property rights saying that “eminent domain is indeed a serious infringement on property rights.” Really, Mr. Stammel? Because on May 3, you were arguing that eminent domain is not theft and is legitimate. So which is it? And just for clarification, eminent domain is one of many acts that delegitimize government. 

By calling you a statist, Mr. Stammel, I mean you are someone who does not see how society can function without initiating force. Most likely because you have never explored what the true meaning of government is. 

Confucius said “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” The word “government” when broken down into its component parts means “to rule”. “Anarchy” simply means “absence of rulers.” This difference is crucial for understanding what anarchy and government truly mean. 

Stammel describes in his letter how “anarchy would be a disaster, putting people at the mercy of those with the largest pocketbook,” etc. This statement describes precisely how government functions. This is why I am an anarchist, because you cannot have rules and rulers and remain logically consistent. If you have rulers (politicians), they can break rules mostly without consequence, which contradicts the very idea of having rules. 

Rules are not meant to be broken. This is the true meaning behind the rule of law. Having a government puts this ideal at a constant threat because of the double standard for those in power.

Dan Rorick


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