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July 27, 2013

Many mislead about fracking's benefits

The Daily Star

---- — Many mislead about fracking’s benefits

Mr. Downey, Ms. Kurtz, Ms. Lusins: So much for the property rights of their neighbors.

They would have none — only those who wish to drill shall have rights. They are perfectly willing to trample over all necessary land to complete the movement of natural gas.

The only way it gets anywhere is through pipes over other people’s land — willing or not. 

A fracked well site only lasts for so long, and then it is finished. A fracked well site uses millions of gallons of water a day. Where will all this water come from? Look at Chobani growing so big its neighbors’ wells were compromised. 

Yes, we need jobs. Businesses need to balance profit and growth with size. Growth for the sole purpose of growing larger is the philosophy of cancer, ultimately killing its host.

Most of us outside cities and villages will never enjoy the benefits of receiving natural gas. It simply costs 10 times the cost of cable, which most of us do not have and never will. There is also the additional cost of replacing boilers and furnaces: $5,000 to $7,000. Pro-frackers seem to envision a world where the gas goes directly to the residents and landowners. This is pure fantasy.

Even in Alaska, Exxon-Mobil is pushing for a trans-Canada pipeline down the Northeast corridor, ultimately for conversion to LP gas and export.

Wait until you see Oneonta surrounded by frack sites. The water will disappear, replaced by chemicals, not removable.

A mile out, a mile down and a mile back. A perfect well-point system (go look that up).

At the next rally, we will wear our best, put on some makeup, maybe get our hair styled, and the men will wear suits or at least a jacket and tie.

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