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July 15, 2013

New 'Lone Ranger' destroys character

The Daily Star

---- — Growing up in the 1950s, I looked forward to watching the Masked Man on his white horse and his faithful friend, Tonto. Every episode taught me something good about life such as how to treat people of every race, how to be a gentleman, how to be honest, never to steal, and a lot of other good things a parent wants a child to learn.

When The Lone Ranger went from radio to television, the creators looked for a man that could speak well, was neat and had to take the part seriously and of course could act. Clayton Moore was that man; he lived the part on and off stage.

Twice I wrote to him, twice I received an autographed photo of him and Tonto. It would not be very likely that would happen today.

The creators of "The Lone Ranger" wanted the character to be a role model for children. Disney destroyed that image. Disney has made The Lone Ranger and Tonto look like idiots. Shame on you, Disney, for changing the image and value of a legend and hero to many for your own monetary gain.

If you want to destroy a nation through the media that ultimately affects our children, you are doing a good job. Never in the history of America has it been more important to join together and pray for our children and grandchildren.

In my opinion, this movie depicts exactly what we should be striving not to portray as a nation as we reach out to our children in encouraging strong morals, values and citizenship.

This Disney edition of "The Lone Ranger" certainly raised a lot of concern for me in what we are really sacrificing — a poor message to the children of our nation for monetary greed of the wealthy.

Vaughn G. Clark