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July 29, 2013

Motorcycle track has a lot to offer

The Daily Star

---- — Another perspective on the New York Safety Track: I do feel sympathy for those folks who live nearby and have to deal with the sound, but it is irritating to see the same complaint in this column over and over. Your point has been made. I also admit that I’m a motorcyclist and enjoy track day riding, and was enthusiastic when I learned a track would be coming.

I’ve had the opportunity to go to the track and watch it in operation, and want to say they are doing a great job. It’s nicely controlled and disciplined, and all are enthusiastic and positive. It’s a nice place to be. 

I got curious and asked questions and learned that there are some 25 employees, and typically 100 riders plus some 40 others. Many attendees are pretty well-off, professional people like doctors, lawyers, business owners. 

Then I started wondering how much they contribute to our local economy, so I asked personal questions about spending on lodging, food, fuel, shopping. Turns out they were spending locally about $500 per person per weekend. Multiply that by 140 people to get some $70,000 coming into our community each weekend! And I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a lot more than that. 

The hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, gas stations, bed and breakfasts from Stamford to Oneonta must be happy. I rented my place close to the track to old friends who are riders — and welcome the extra income. 

The track is not only a negative presence in our community. It provides jobs and spreads income all over the area. And this area needs that income badly. I encourage those who can to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Dick Wolcott