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August 17, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 17, 2012

Daily Star

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News shows diverging views on gay rights

Sometimes it's worthwhile to read a few good magazines, especially those printing news one is unlikely to find elsewhere. In the Aug. 3 issue of The Week, on adjacent pages, I read some good news and bad news about what's happening to gay life in America.

First, I saw a photo of a handsome and happy gay Navy officer in a parade in San Diego, in which for the first time U.S. service members were authorized by the military to march in a gay pride event in uniform. In the next page I learned some background concerning why the Boy Scouts decided to continue its policy to exclude openly gay scouts and troop leaders, despite the obvious immorality of its decision to do so.

According to the L.A. Times as reported in The Week, the Boy Scouts receive much money from churches that oppose homosexuality, especially the Mormon and Roman Catholic churches. It's very probable that if the Boy Scouts admitted gays, it would lose many of its meeting places and also 15 percent of its scouts, for that 15 percent happen to be Mormon in background, even though less than 2 percent of the U.S. population is Mormon.

I should explain, in closing, why I spoke of "the obvious immorality" of the decision to exclude gay kids and leaders from joining the Boy Scouts. Since the Boy Scouts speak of their "duty to God and Country," how can they believe that He created people unworthy to join the Boy Scouts?

Hilda Wilcox


Record end-of-life instructions for family

I would like to inform the public of getting information of a loved one's wishes on paper.

I had to learn a cruel lesson before and after the death of my son who passed suddenly.

No matter what my son and I discussed made no difference due to the fact of him having a spouse. My son's father and six siblings, all our hearts are still aching as we knew what his wishes were. It made no difference _ only his spouse could make decisions on his behalf.

The only peace we all have is knowing he was so loved by family and friends.

Please get written wishes on paper so you never have to go through what breaks our heart today, and always, feeling helpless.

Frances O. (Benson) Mckee