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August 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 22, 2012

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Pipeline company misrepresenting facts

Concerning an article in the Aug. 8, 2012, edition titled "Area Pipeline Opponents: Firms hold advantage," Christopher Stockton for the Constitution Pipeline was quoted but made at least three misrepresentations.

First: That the gas to be piped is just for domestic consumption.

Williams, the company that owns 75 percent of the pipeline, has told its stockholders that one of the benefits to them was to help in the exportation of liquid natural gas (LNG).

Second: That the opponents of the pipeline tend to be "some of your environmental activists who have an agenda and are opposed to the whole fracking thing in New York."

The landowners whose property the proposed pipeline is to go onto are almost 100 percent against the pipeline.

Very few of these landowners took any part in the anti-fracking movement, so to attempt to paint them as "activists" is false and an attempt to disparage them in the public mind.

True, many non-landowner fracking opponents are also opposed to the pipeline but that doesn't change the fact that the landowners are not activists. They are just plain folks who don't want their own property, in their families for generations, ruined by some Texas outsiders here to make a buck (or billions).

Third: That 65 percent of landowners have consented to allowing the pipeline company on their land to do surveys.

As a landowner who has attended meetings called by the pipeline company and other groups I have yet to meet one landowner that has allowed the pipeline on their land or who, if they did, has not rescinded such permission. So where are these 65 percent? This is what the pipeline is telling FERC, but would it say this under oath?

Bottom line is, Constitution Pipeline will say anything to get its way.

Irwin Waldman

West Davenport

Alcohol kills more than guns

I remember less than 10 years ago there was a horrific accident involving a woman driving a van full of children and being under the influence of alcohol, going the wrong way on a major road, killing everyone in the van.

There are more than 75,000 deaths per year that are alcohol-related. Alcohol is involved in one out of five car accidents, but I have never heard the news media or politicians calling for a ban on alcohol. There are no calls for limiting sales of alcohol to a specific number per household per month.

Firearms account for 30,000 deaths per year. Maybe the real problem is alcohol and not law-abiding citizens owning a firearm.

Sue Sherman