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August 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 23, 2012

Daily Star

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Pipeline article had misleading headline

The Daily Star's Aug. 15 piece on the proposed Constitution Pipeline contains a serious error.

The title of the article written by Joe Mahoney states: "Firms say pipeline won't carry gas for export." However, neither of the firms proposing the pipeline, Williams or Cabot, has made this unequivocal claim about the future. Couching their response to inquiries carefully, developers of the pipeline have said only that plans described in their current application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission do not propose carrying gas for export. There is a huge difference between your headline and what these firms have actually said.

In the interest of softening opposition, Williams and Cabot might like the public to believe that the Constitution Pipeline will never be used for exporting gas overseas _ actions that would inflate gas prices at home. However, they have been cautious not to make such a statement outright. Indeed, doing so could place them in an embarrassing, if not liable, predicament if plans and related applications later emerge for export facilities.

Ironically, The Daily Star's erroneous headline simultaneously misrepresents the gas industry while aiding in the pipeline's promotion. If through a careful choice of words, developers of the Constitution Pipeline had hoped to deceive the public, then through what can only be described as a careless choice of word, The Daily Star has contributed further to those misconceptions about how the pipeline may or may not be used in the future.

It should be obvious that readers of The Daily Star could be misinformed by your article. To avoid the appearance of aiding and abetting what many believe to be deceptive remarks by developers of the proposed Constitution Pipeline, your newspaper should print a correction with comparable visibility to the headline it has printed in error.

Keith Schue

Cherry Valley