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April 23, 2014

In Your Opinion: Sheriff's department needs an overhaul

The Daily Star

---- — I wrote a letter to the editor about lack of respect and morals shown by the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department.

In response to Mr. Gordon Terry, my comments were only directed to the street patrol deputies, and for that I do apologize to the other hard-working, honest deputies in the sheriff’s department.

Every police agency has its share of bad apples, but the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department has more than its share of rotten apples. Mr. Terry was a county coroner in 1997, when there was respect and honor in the sheriff’s department. Troop C of the New York State Police is an excellent example of what a professional police force should be today.

As for Ms. April Bernhardt’s comments, I grew up with family members in the law enforcement field. I was called for a police officer position in another county but refused the position because 40 years ago salaries were nowhere near that of what the sheriff’s deputies earn today.

You missed my point by your reference to the concert in Cooperstown. It was about the way the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department handles situations and the attitude that most of the street patrol deputies have in doing so. If you work for law enforcement or have family members on the force, then you know firsthand how they could manipulate the law in their favor.

The sheriff’s department of today needs a major overhaul. Believe me when I say that you wouldn’t want me to work there, as I would clean house and bring back honor and respect that the street patrol deputies should have as they had back in 1997, and enforce the law as it was intended. 

Michael J. Stavola