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May 10, 2014

In Your Opinion: Wild boar ruling is socialism in disguise

The Daily Star carried a disturbing story. The state Department of Environmental Conservation, under Joe Martens, has finally dropped the other shoe. The crash should wake up state property owners. 

The DEC is telling property owners and hunters that we are all ineffectual. We, who often grew up hunting deer, bear, turkeys and other wily game, do not know what we are doing. We cannot handle wild hogs. We are helpless. We need to let the state take care of us.

Now, I am sorry, Joe, but it takes state troopers a minimum of 15 minutes to reply to a call. Do you really think those wild pigs are going to hang around for your state hired guns after trashing a farmer’s livestock pens and fences? Are you foolish enough to believe I or most farmers will pay attention to your socialist rules if our family or animals are being threatened? We will blow those feral hogs into the next reality.

Are we to expect that a state that cannot afford needed highway repairs or maintain rest stops, to pay for “Death From Above” helicopters and hired guns to strafe our properties, endangering families, livestock and pets?

How are you expecting to dispose of the bodies? Leave them to rot in the woods? Incinerate them like the thousands of wild geese you paid to have trapped on Long Island?

For my part, each feral hog shot or trapped is one less piece of invasive breeding stock. But, I suppose a mastermind like you has higher awareness.

Be that as it may, do not send your death flights over my land, and just stay out of my way. I will take care of the problem the old-fashioned way. I will let PETA give them birth control pills.

Alan Springett


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