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May 13, 2014

In Your Opinion: Mankind can't hurt Earth, only itself

I read with interest the exchange of letters regarding Mike Zagata. I don’t know him and had heretofore not heard of him. This is what I would conclude from the in-depth coverage of his resume as provided in the letters:

Mr. Zagata is a real nice guy, civic-minded and environmentally conscious. I might go so far as to say a friend of the environment. However, he worked for a Republican governor and may be politically conservative himself. Oh my, gasp. During that tenure, he aimed to see our natural resources exploited for the benefit of all of us, and in a way as to have as little detriment to the environment as possible. Not an easy feat. But some would have us believe that to do so would unequivocally destroy the environment, that this concept is one of black and white.

I take note that when the former have ideas inconsistent with those of the latter, then begins the character assassination and name-calling, aided, I might add, by an obviously liberal-leaning press (ahem, cough, Daily Star). “Big gas and oil” are the enemy. Heaven forbid they make a dollar selling us something we all must have.

As for sinking oil rigs, they sink ships for that purpose. Clean them and drop them, I say. Look, I’m all for a clean, healthy and vibrant environment. I love the outdoors. Look at the bigger picture; the Earth has been here several billion years. Man cannot hurt the Earth, only to that extent detrimental to man. OK, and the rest of living things. We could render this thing completely lifeless, there’d be no more man, oops, but the Earth would heal itself.

In conclusion, I think the haters are just mad that Mike doesn’t invite them aboard his 200-foot yacht, which big oil bought him, on Otsego Lake. OK, that’s a lie, it’s only 180 feet.

C’mon, get over yourselves.

Gary Caso


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