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May 31, 2014

In Your Opinion: U.S. far from a socialist republic

The Daily Star

---- — Socialism can be statist, libertarian, Marxist, liberal, revolutionary, Gradualist, cosmopolitan or only internationalist in the sense that lays stress on the importance of the national unit. 

For those who cry “socialism,” do you understand it? Can you define it? It is a word the Republicans and the far right love to throw around and accuse President Obama of being. 

I pose a question to Mr. Gunther. In his April 25 letter, he states that “the current administration of this nation is taking its citizens on a path of redistribution of wealth.” If that is the case, I guess there is a loooong way to go and Obama has failed as a socialist! 

If you are aware of the disparity between the 1 percent and the 99 percent, this is a far cry from your description of socialism. Are you even aware of the contradiction between your statement and the facts? 

When corporations can exploit foreign labor, kill jobs in America, not pay their fair share of taxes, and hide money in offshore accounts while their CEOs earn billions, it doesn’t indicate that this is a socialist republic. I question why all this rhetoric that is spewed forth 24/7 cannot be truthful. If the right is so right, why do they get things so wrong? 

The people of America better wake up and take action against this totally dysfunctional Congress and vote out the party of “no” and “do nothing” so this country can get back on track. Read Paul Ryan’s budget proposal if you want to see what redistribution is really about! 

In Mr. Gunther’s words, “let us strive to re-educate ourselves” before the Republican party destroys and privatizes Medicare, Social Security, education, etc., just as they are trying to do to our postal service. 

Donna Shaver