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July 9, 2013

Fears of gun control are not logical

The Daily Star

---- — In answer to John Scondros: The weak fear gun ownership? I disagree. Sam Colt provided the West with his great equalizer. “Fear no man who walks beneath the sun, though you be weak and he be strong. For I will equalize.” That equalizer made many a weak, small man as big and strong as anyone. It turned many of them into bullies, too.

I agree with Mr. Zaefle that Mr. LaPierre and others in the NRA are gun extremists. Chuck Pinkey wrote a column about the NRA. Interesting, informative and well-researched. One minor point not mentioned: it was about the NRA of 60 years ago. 

Sixty-plus years ago, I took a gun training course from a NRA member. It was about handling and using a gun safely and properly. Today’s NRA is about having a gun. If you have none, you should have one; if you have one, you should have two; etc. 

Today’s officers are more like gun salesmen. Very little common sense. Arm the teachers. Put more guns on the streets to combat gun violence. These are the same people who would issue driver’s licenses and autos to 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds. Get more vehicles on the road to cut down on traffic accidents. Strange reasoning. No background checks, it might mean a day or two delay getting a gun. A person needs a heart transplant, six to 12 months, perhaps longer wait. A gun is so important and necessary that a one- or two-day wait is impossible? Very little common sense.

A person taking a semiautomatic into a dark theater and shooting 70 people, or into a school killing small children and teachers, is not a strong person. He is a weak, disturbed person who should not have a gun.

Fred Igel

West Exeter