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September 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: September 21, 2012

The Daily Star

---- — City manager salary too high

Maybe a few city council members liked Michael Long for city manager. Many taxpayers are aghast at $115,000, his yearly salary. He’s from Poughkeepsie, population of about 32,000, and now is in Oneonta, approximate full-time population 6,000, plus 7,500 students.

Why is he downsizing to Oneonta from Poughkeepsie? Salary? His salary greatly exceeds the income of many people here, and it’s from our city taxes. His salary would buy a house on many city streets.

In Oneonta, we see many crumbling streets, numerous empty shops and refusal to provide new, profitable public sports facilities. Many of these repairs and projects would happen with $115,000 per year. We have a new concert hall right next to the noisy, vibrating train tracks! This mayor and council hired additional police officers (and created a new motto,

pretending pretty signs would bring tourists and money?!?). Tax revenues are dropping, but the council keeps spending! Maybe the voters approved this city manager position, but did voters approve this outrageous salary?

Then, the mayor says he won’t “put pressure on the new city manager.” Let the man rest, walk around, meet people, relax … on my taxes?! No!

People run for city council in order to direct policies. Then they say, it’s not a job for amateurs? Why become involved in directing government if you’re

unwilling to learn, develop policies and realize plans? Big politicians of both political parties mention tax cuts, but cities and schools seem completely incapable of suggesting tax cuts, let alone enabling them.

How about more services at less cost? How about longer hours for the city office employees and lower pensions, stretching my taxes? How about lower salary for this new employee, if we even really need him? Oh, if the city and town merge, will he receive a double salary?

Denise Michelson

West Oneonta