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July 12, 2013

Anti-fracker not just a 'true believer'

The Daily Star

---- — Vera Scroggins is not the “true believer” condescendingly described in the Associated Press story, “Local Women Fight Fracking” (The Daily Star, July 8). She is the quintessential tireless, “just the facts, ma’am” investigator. 

If anyone doubts this, go to YouTube, enter her name and you will see the visual record that the intrepid Vera has compiled of waste, degradation and bitterness in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Night and day, for the past few years, she has shot hundreds of videos of spills, flares, leaks and noises; interviews with both victims and proponents of fracking; and the hot spots she takes visitors to see, hear and smell. She films while shadowing wastewater trucks, hiding behind bushes, flying in helicopters. She films public and industry meetings, fearlessly pushing past bullying security guards. 

Vera is not only an investigator, she is now one of the great citizen authorities on fracking. Listen as she knowledgeably identifies every structure, every pipe, every pit at a frack site, ticks off the gases being released, then refers to the industry sources where this information can be verified. Watch “Citizen Tour of Susquehanna County Gas Development — Parts 1 and 2,” in which she takes two councilmen and a resident from Chenango County on a tour of this densely fracked region.

If two hours of travelling through rundown towns and bleak landscapes tests your patience, jump to the last minute and hear a landowner, in response to a councilman’s question, say that if he had known, he would never have signed a lease. 

Recently I was asked why, if fracking is such an economic disaster, we do not hear about it. Ask the AP. Its story was about Vera, but it should have been about the facts she has discovered, which AP reporters should have discovered for themselves.

Carole Satrina Marner