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August 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 29, 2012

The Daily Star

A risky job is better than none at all

This is an open letter to try to quell opposition to natural gas drilling, new pipelines, wind turbines and any new thing   that means creating jobs for the thousands of unemployed people in upstate New York (although many people will still not like   my opinion).

I worked in factories and industry for almost 20 years. I worked first, second and third shift and my share of long hours.   

Along with this, I had to do some lifting, and many times got my hands dirty. I had some jobs that I liked, and others I didn’t   like.

But through it all, if I had a job or an opportunity, I didn’t create a long court battle or criteria of fear against creation   of more jobs.

There are always risks with any job, not the least of which is driving your car to and from work. (In the case of car accidents.)   A carpenter could get a sliver. An auto mechanic could get oil and gas on his hands. A flight attendant could get into a plane   crash.

I don’t want to get poisoned or hurt any more than anyone else.

In the case of some people, (but not everybody, of course) we have become a spoiled and undisciplined society.

Too many people do not obey the traffic laws, and will find any excuse to call their lawyer and shun responsibilities.

Jobs are hard enough to find these days, and we shouldn’t complain about anything and everything that comes our way.

Robert Caffee


Little League players showed sportsmanship

After watching as many innings as I possibly could of the Little League World Series, I was very impressed with the sportsmanship   and pure class of these young men.

In the championship game between Japan and Tennessee, a Tennessee player hit a home run in five consecutive games.

As he crossed home plate, the pitcher from Japan met him at home plate and gave him a high five.

Do you think that we, as adults, could learn a lesson from these fine young men, along with our world leaders? It’s time we   open our eyes and get along.

Bill Krietsch

Fly Creek

God’s will not so difficult to discern

Contrary to what is implied in your editorial on Aug. 10, “Flap over chicken chain went too far,” it is possible to determine   the will of God about a great many subjects.

“Nave’s topical index to the Bible” lists hundreds of biblical subjects and where all theses subjects are located. In addition,   the Bible verses themselves are given.

My experience has been that most Bible subjects have been made painfully clear by God, speaking through his chosen authors.

When that was not the case, biblical commentaries and experienced Christians have made it clear.

Robert Park

West Winfield