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November 7, 2012

Unfair to blame one for actions of many

The Daily Star

---- — Unfair to blame one for actions of many

I was surprised to see a letter to the editor of The Daily Star printed just two days after the FERC comment period held at the Foothills Theater on Oct. 26. The usual time to see a letter printed is at least a week. 

This meeting involved more than 200 people and lasted from 7 p.m. until well after midnight, when the last person made comments. People tended to be more civil at that time of night!

I agree with the writer of the letter that some of the behaviors at that event were rude and intolerant. But to attack one person, Adrian Kuzminski, for the actions of many is untrue and unkind. 

The opposition to the pipeline and fracking has been a decentralized and often-spontaneous reaction to what this industry will bring us. There have been and continues to be many leaders in this cause. 

Marion Karl