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November 7, 2012

Route M not fair to Delaware County

The Daily Star

---- — Route M not fair to Delaware County

It seems to me that Oneonta/Otsego County and Leatherstocking are actively trying to steal our land in northern Delaware County, by supporting the Constitution Pipeline alternate M Route. They care nothing for our loss as it will be their gain! (Or so they think!)

If they think we are so unimportant — maybe they should do the math. Hundreds of residents (and landowners from elsewhere) shop, eat and buy gas in Oneonta. 

Starting now I personally am switching my doctor, eating out (at least 15 times a month), buying gas, oil and propane, food shopping, etc., outside of Oneonta.

They also need to reassess their water needs for their proposed industrial growth. Without water there is no growth. Southside is already at max. The sewage treatment plant is not updated for large growth.

The businesses that have left this region in the last 30 years did so not for lack of cheap gas but rather a trend to outsource manufacturing, and of course the economic situation, of which the whole country is suffering.

I implore the Leatherstocking people to view the mountains to the south as potential water sources for their future expansion, not gas drilling or ever-expanding pipelines. They need to look outside the box. They need to see beyond a vague county line and need to see this region. It is vast and beautiful. They need to see the expansion of beef and the reclaiming of the dairy farm lands.

Like thousands of others, I moved here after 30 years of paying taxes here. We did not come upstate for industrialization. We came for peace, pure water, green land and tranquility.

City of the Hills? No, city of the spills! Life enjoyed? No, life destroyed!

Barbara Loeffler