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November 8, 2012

Hectoring of pipeline supporters was a disgrace

The Daily Star

---- — Being neutral on the issue of the Constitution Pipeline proposal, I attended the FERC scoping hearing on Oct. 24 hoping to get some thoughtful insights from both the “pro-" and “anti-" sides of the pipeline issue. I got a lot of information from one party, but the other party I could barely hear over all the booing.

Let me again emphasize that I am neutral on the Constitution Pipeline issue and on hydrofracking, for that matter. But I thought it was disrespectful how, while those voicing their opposition to the pipeline got rounds of applause and almost no criticism, those few who came to voice their support for the project were booed and shouted off the stage. 

I admire the courage of those supporting the pipeline in speaking their minds when they probably knew they were going to draw such a negative response; and those who heckled them should be ashamed that they think they should be able to voice their opinion, but the people they disagree with shouldn’t.

Kudos, also, to the man down in front near the podium who got up after a pro-pipeline testimony and tried to tell the crowd exactly what I am telling you now.

In short, everyone is entitled to their opinion. It was a hearing for both sides of the issue, and I think it was disrespectful and ignorant that these people were denied their First Amendment rights.

Chris Cerosaletti