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August 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27, 2012

The Daily Star

— Candidates’ records aren’t on the record

If it’s not “put you all back in chains” or the secret source that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years, it’s an election year without a record.

Show me your tax returns for the last five years, but “my records are sealed.” Why would Obama seal his college records? Were his grades poor? How did he pay for his education? Did Obama attend American colleges as a foreign student? Whatever happened to the most transparent, open administration in America?

Obama’s Social Security number, his draft card, his passport and his bar records are all sealed. Americans that have stopped looking for work, are under-employed, working two jobs to make ends meet or stopped collecting benefits make the true unemployment rate 15 percent.

About 50 percent of Americans pay no federal tax while the Food Stamp King, Obama, has increased dependency to 47 million Americans. The rich are taxed more than once. They pay 35 percent plus or more — in payroll tax. They pay 15 percent on capital gains tax, for investing is a risk. And don’t forget the death tax. When you have the CEO of Coke saying China is more business-friendly than Obama ... our jobs are leaving America.

Cosmo Stallone


Schumer doesn’t care about local area

Sen. Charles Schumer’s recent stated support in Delhi of the Constitution Pipeline is unacceptable — especially as it is being done in the name of Amphenol, a huge, multinational corporation whose local facility, only one of 123 throughout the world, has little consideration for the future and well-being of the populace.

We are being held hostage to their energy needs, which undoubtedly they could meet, at a fraction of their overhead, without destroying our lives. Schumer’s pro-pipeline statement will probably not gain him a single Republican vote, but it has lost mine. I will never, ever vote for anyone who supports the gas fracking industry.

But Sen. Schumer is not reaching out to the American voter here. His reach, literally, is out to International Corporations Inc.

We do not need Amphenol. We need a future where there is fresh food and fresh air and clean water. Right now, New York state still has clean water and, sadly, thanks to global warming, a milder climate. With the rest of the country burning up or drying out, New York, part of one of the three last great freshwater reservoirs in the world, will need to put its rolling hills back to growing food.

We so-called environmentalists have been marginalized in Washington, but the environment rules. To try to ignore that or downplay that is folly like nothing before in recorded human history. Gouging out the bowels of the Earth and tearing off mountain tops is the work of infantile minds that cannot comprehend anything beyond immediate wants.

Environmentalists should be called what they are: realists. The rest are the fantasists.

Carole Satrina Marner