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September 9, 2013

Sustainability can be economically sound

The Daily Star

---- — To the guest columnist who wrote, “Sustainability crowd doesn’t get economics,” Aug 27: 

Being part of Sustainable Otsego, I have learned what devastation has taken place in Pennsylvania from fracking, and my own viewing of Gasland/Gasland 2. Pennsylvania happens to be my original home state, and my maternal grandfather’s — a most successful businessman who ran his lumber company in the Adirondacks, doing sustainable forestry management before it was called that.

Your logic on fracking really doesn’t win the day, because it is not sustainable, economically. There is much getting published on this fact. Perhaps there are some windfalls for some, but it won’t last, because wells aren’t ending up with the long-term supplies that were anticipated. Furthermore, the documented methane leakage adds to our vulnerable atmosphere. 

You mention dairy farming. If New York dairy cows and cattle were raised with holistic grazing, they would be part of a new solution, recognized by mega businessman Richard Branson and his Virgin Earth Challenge. See on this. 

The Savory Institute is building Savory Hubs across the globe to re-absorb carbon out of the atmosphere by re-amending soil with holistically grazed livestock. Biologist Allan Savory claims we have an agriculture crisis, depleting our soils of its carbon. He still believes we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. See his TED talk at . A Savory Hub would bring back the younger generation to upstate New York, like across the U.S., re-amending unhealthy soil, due to overuse of pesticides.

A big challenge, like our climate threat, requires big solutions. I hope you will sign up to help one of them.

Priscilla Rich

Danville, Calif.