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August 28, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 28, 2012

The Daily Star

The Daily Star — America decaying

under Obama

Someone told me that a friend of a friend of a friend said that the EPA has pinpointed the source of the putrid stench that was befouling the environment.

The pollution was located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and the source was the decay of America under the leadership of odious Barack Obama.

Since he can’t run for re-election on his bankrupt record, Obama decided to bury Mitt Romney in a morass of lies and innuendos. He chose “ghoulish” Harry Reid to dismember Romney on national TV without an iota of evidence. I guess Obama was playing mirror, mirror on the wall during his law school lectures on unsubstantiated hearsay.

Next Obama conspired with his Super Pac something the law prohibits. He assigned Stephanie Cutter, an enchantress from the bowels of his evil empire’s inner circle to accuse Gov. Romney of being responsible for the cancer death of the wife of Joe Soptic, a former GSE steel employee even though the incident occurred six years after Gov. Romney left the company.

When questioned about this illegal conspiracy, Cutter lied (what else, she’s a Democrat), claiming no previous knowledge of the incident. To her chagrin a tape was produced in which weeks earlier she and Soptic himself personally discussed in detail this very subject.

Then there’s the Chick-fil-A interview massacre whereby Chick-fil-A’s CEO, Dan Cathy, breaking no laws, strongly supported marriage as being between a man and a woman.

In retaliation for exercising his free speech rights, liberals called for a storm trooper boycott, with mayors Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Tom Menino of Boston threatening to dismember Chick-fil-A’s right to do business, although the company had no history of bias.

Finally, it’s been rumored that Louis Farrakhan, the Balm of Gilead, is being touted for police chief of Chicago.

William J. Eckardt

Cedar Park, Texas

Seward has extreme view on guns

Sen. James Seward has aligned himself with the extremists on the gun issue rather than looking out for real people. He recently rejected even the possibility of discussing new laws regarding guns. 

In his world, laws that are not working can be made to work by simply increasing their penalties. He goes on to say that “Only law-abiding citizens are hampered by current gun restrictions.”

His position makes no sense. If gun laws only hamper law-abiding citizens, then what purpose would raising penalties serve? Criminals are already ignoring the laws.

Let us be clear, we all agree that hunters have the right to own guns, and the right to use them for hunting. But let us also recognize that there is a problem in this country with gun violence. The guns in the recent Wisconsin and Colorado massacres were bought legally, not on the black market. 

We will never find solutions if politicians on both sides simply repeat the talking points of their parties’ most radical elements. This has brought us to the point where gun crimes and deaths are rampant and increasing and no one has the political courage to do anything about it.

It is time for politicians such as Mr. Seward to stop spouting the same, old, tired phrases for purely political purposes. It is time for reasonable people on both sides to actually talk together and find ways to protect lives and Second Amendment rights. When I am elected to the Senate, I will go beyond the talking points and initiate such a dialogue.

Howard Leib


Leib, a Democrat, is running for New York State Senate’s 51st Senate District.