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November 20, 2012

In Your Opinion:

The Daily Star

---- — County raises aren’t merited

With the stock market in a nosedive and an economy that is marked by large companies announcing major layoffs, one would think that all levels of government would be tightening their financial belts, but think again. The Delaware County Board of Supervisors, taking a cue from the lavish spending policies of Obama and company, has decided that it’s time for a cornucopia of pay raises for department heads. These aforementioned raises would certainly be in line if these various folks had streamlined and made more efficient their various departments, resulting in major savings for the taxpayers, but of course this is not the case. 

While our neighboring counties (Otsego — cutting positions, Montgomery — changing its system of county government) are trying to contain costs, Delaware County just opens up the “goody bag.” The sad part of this whole picture is that, if by some magical turn, these departments and their heads were to disappear, the only ones to notice would be the employees thereof. 

In the private sector, rewards and raises are given on a merit basis due to hard work, innovative ideas and efficiency, not for just showing up. It’s a probable fact that those running the county government aren’t people who were tremendously successful in the private sector and then decided to dedicate themselves to public service; it just doesn’t work that way. 

These are tough economic times and, unlike Washington D.C., those in Delhi should forget about self-perpetuating programs that have total disregard for the financial capabilities of the taxpayers. 

Joel Canfield