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December 17, 2012

Anti-gas ideology based on fear, untruth

The Daily Star

---- — I would take issue with the contentions that any true conservative would support a wood-pellet alternative to natural gas energy development in our county, as suggested in The Daily Star’s Nov. 24-25 guest commentary. 

True conservatives do not believe that “Sandy and Irene show that extreme weather is here to stay.” We know that the amount of methane “which escapes from all phases of natural gas production” is minuscule as a greenhouse gas. Harvesting woodlots and grass, on a scale even in our county, as a heat source alternative to natural gas is ridiculous. Starting with chainsaws, skinners and choppers through processing ovens and compressors to packaging and diesel transportation and finally to government-subsidized pellet storage and furnace retrofits, the notion of eco-benefit is humorous at best.

It occurred to this “Radical Conservative” during another visit last week to Susquehanna Co., Pa., in search of eco-disaster or catastrophe that the leaders of the newly coined populist anti-gas movement are not liberals or progressives or Democrats etc, but true ideologues. 

Older Webster’s dictionaries define ideology as “thinking or theorizing of an idealistic, abstract or impractical nature; Fanciful speculation.” This absolutely accurately describes the mindset of the current Pied Piper anti leaders. I couldn’t care less about the fantasies of the leaders themselves, but I do care about the impact of their tactics of fear, exaggeration, envy, demonization, etc., on their followers and ultimately upon all of us. They have directly and intentionally crafted an environment of adversarial hostility based upon irrational fear and emotion to foster their personal idealistic vision.

I appeal again to the petition-signing letter-writers who get their anti-information from secondhand sources to hop in the car and witness the true story of natural gas development for yourself. 

Dave Parker