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December 17, 2012

Manor represents best choice for many

The Daily Star

---- — So many people complain about raising taxes to save Otsego Manor. They must not have a loved one in the Manor.

Both of my parents are residents at the Manor and I couldn’t ask for any better care for them. My aunt and uncle were residents, and my grandmother was in the old Meadows. And if my taxes have to be raised, then do it. God forbid one of your loved ones ever has to go there to live ... then maybe you wouldn’t complain about taxes. And never say you wouldn’t put your parents or loved ones there. Sometimes it comes down to not having a choice. 

The county reps should look into their hearts and wonder what it would be like to have one of their relatives in the Manor. Otsego Manor will be my parents’ last home, and I hate that they have to be there, but I know they are getting the best possible care. I know they have a second family there with all the staff and they get attached to staff members and vice versa. 

I’ve visited a nursing home that was privatized and I can say that it was not even close to being as nice as Otsego Manor. The staff was far from any that I would want near my parents. They were there for the paycheck. I don’t want to see what happened in Delaware County happen here in Otsego County.

Debra Hildenbrand