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January 20, 2014

In Your Opinion: More volunteers can solve many problems

The Daily Star

---- — In response to the letter, ‘Volunteer EMS system has problems,’ that appeared Jan. 7:

To volunteer: “One who enters into any service offers to undertake to do something, of his or her own free will.”

Delaware and Schoharie counties have had many local businesses close in the past two years. Many people have had to relocate or look outside their communities to find employment. Many volunteers work outside of their community. 

For those who do work in their own community, the employer does not have the ability to excuse the volunteer to answer a call. Mutual aid from other communities is often needed. CMT is a paid transport service. They serve as mutual aid for some volunteer EMS to offer a higher level of care so EMTs can maintain the “golden hour” of care. Volunteer EMS may even request mutual aid for direct air transport.

People are dying needlessly every day. Sometimes they may have only needed someone to volunteer to care. EMS is not just about rescue. Could it be that people and places need something as simple as more volunteers?

Teresa L. Dolph