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October 16, 2012

Local justice is at stake|In your opinion:

The Daily Star

---- — Local justice is at stake

Yours and your neighbors’ expectation of justice, when you vote on Nov. 6, are what will determine the nature of justice in the Delaware County Court for the next 10 years.

Please take this opportunity to be more informed about a subject that is essential to our freedom but seldom discussed. You have the opportunity to read the court documents of a case to form your own opinion about the current administration of justice.

In 2006, a village filed a lawsuit against a landowner, claiming ownership of disputed property and an easement for access to that property based on existing deeds. Court documents of the one-hour hearing and the decision by Judge Carl Becker, with separate comments by the landowner, is available for your review.

You will read about judicial suggestion of eminent domain as a hammer to resolve a property dispute, commitments made but not fulfilled, belittling the importance of the issue, and disrespecting one party while leading the other. There was a four-month period between the hearing and writing the decision in which those problems could have been redressed. That did not happen.

The pamphlet, “A Review of Judicial Performance,” was made available to all public Libraries in Delaware County on Oct 8. Please use this opportunity to be an informed voter. Thank you.

Lauren Davis


Help heroes

save the Manor

There are many unsung heroes at the Manor. Many of them have dedicated their lives to ease the pain and suffering of friends and family members in the last days of their golden years. I am proud to say my wife, Terry Spencer, is one of those unsung heroes.

My wife has given many years of dedicated service to the county and the residents on the dementia unit of the Manor that she calls family. I don’t know how many times she has asked me to drive her to work in the middle of a snowstorm, or when she was not feeling well. Why? Because of her dedication to her family.

She is not alone. There are many employees that have given their all to the county and the Manor and deserve a lot of credit for a job well-done.

The selling of the Manor will not only affect the 265 employees, it will affect the whole county. A private company will come in.

It will lower the wages and eliminate benefits to increase the profit margin. After the new owners sign on, the county board has little or no control.

This will create a domino effect on the local economy. There will be foreclosures due to decreased in wages, and people will leave the area for better-paying jobs.

This will affect the local businesses. Employees won’t have the money to shop at the mall, eat at the local family restaurants, buy that new car, pay their school and property taxes — the list goes on.

The best thing the county board could do right now is find a way to hold on. There are ways to save money if you really want to! Support the Manor — contact your senator, congressman, county rep! You can make a difference!

Dale Spencer