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October 18, 2012

Socialism isn't good for us

The Daily Star

---- — Socialism isn’t good for us

Regarding the tape found of President Obama saying “I believe in redistribution!,” now the truth is known. “Redistribution” is just another way of saying “socialism.” So my question to our president is, if socialism is so good for us, why are the regular people in socialist governments out in the streets rioting?

I’ll tell you why! Because socialist government promises things it can’t deliver, year after year. They are out of money in those countries — just exactly what the president is trying to do to us. He must know that people with money will always be on top, even in all the socialist countries. Socialism doesn’t change that!

Even in communist countries, you have your rich. So stop trying to change our democracy! Stop dancing with the Hollywood celebrities and do your job — keep America safe! We just lost four Americans because you didn’t go to security briefings. If you had gone, you would have known that terrorists were ready to attack our embassy — it was the anniversary of 9/11. The terrorist chanted, “We are all bin Ladens.” If our government had acted, four Americans would still be alive. Please stop your dancing, golf, fundraising and talk shows on our dime. 

I voted for you in 2008 for hope and change, but it’s only been shame and change. In 2012, I won’t vote for you. It’s time for change, not shame. We’re Americans, and proud of it. 

Thomas Merlino