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October 30, 2012

Obama betterfor environment

The Daily Star

---- — I found yet one more analysis of the Romney/Obama debate, this time from “Living on Earth,” the NPR program. The moderator discussed scientific questions with Shawn Otto of Scientific American. He had gotten input from 43,000 scientists, engineers and concerned citizens who proposed 14 questions.

In the debate, Obama stated that they both agree that we’ve got to boost American energy production. Oil and gas production are higher than they’ve ever been in years. However, Obama also believes that we should look at energy sources in the future like wind, solar and biofuels. Romney would get natural gas from government land, offshore, Alaska and through the Canadian pipeline.

Obama would cut $4 billion subsidies to the oil industry and Romney would cut investments in energy conservation and renewable energy.

Of the 14 questions proposed, the most important had to do with climate change. Mr.

Otto states that Obama has taken steps to regulate greenhouse gasses and double fuel efficiency standards for cars. Romney however, has backtracked on his previous position but stated that there is no consensus on climate change. But there is consensus, says Mr. Otto, of Scientific American.

On the subject of food safety, the public is concerned about hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in our food system. Romney’s approach is deregulation.

On clean water; overconsumption and pollution, once again Romney is for less regulation while Obama had earlier in his administration gotten a Clean Water Act passed.

I must also add that I watched this debate and listened to the discussion on WSKG, a station that Romney would de-fund along with that prominent environmentalist, Big Bird.

Dorothy Hudson