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October 2, 2012

Government cutbacks are necessary

The Daily Star

---- — Government cutbacks are necessary

In reply to Jim O’Leary’s letter in the opinion column of The Daily Star on Sept. 17, he criticizes Congressman Gibson’s vote in the House on HR1, 2, and 3 as a direct attack on women’s health.

In my understanding, our country’s economic condition may compel it to try to borrow trillions of dollars soon after the elections in November. I believe the primary reason we are so far in debt is because our government spends too much money.

I grant you, some of the programs it spends on are of benefit to some people, but many of these expenditures must be curtailed or totally eliminated if our country is to become financially sound once more. A government deeply in debt must borrow and/or raise our taxes; both of which Obama would rather do than cut spending.

My wife and I raised four children, two of them girls, and all without family planning or teen pregnancy prevention. Both Paul Ryan and Chris Gibson know Medicare and Social Security cannot continue as they are now. There must be cuts in them and every one of us will be directly affected. Do you see any alternative? I do not.

Let’s hope more of our elected officials will have the courage to curtail much of our government’s spending, instead of continuing to spend and tax and borrow from China.

As adults we must take responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our families and not depend on our government to do it for us. 

Thomas Jaquish


Fracking will spoil

our health

@Body Copy Ragged:

I am a 20-year-old resident of Unadilla. I just moved here with my family in the beginning of summer from Long Island.

There were a few major reasons why we moved up here. One of the main reasons was to get away from the air pollution we were all breathing in every single day. Now that I’m up here, I hear that there’s a possibility of fracking being allowed.

I truly do not understand how such a thing could be allowed. It makes me wonder if people know the facts. The environment around us will be completely polluted. The chemicals that these companies will use to have the natural gases come up will contaminate my family’s water and my water. Family friends of mine in Pennsylvania where fracking has begun complain are upset because when they turn on the faucet, or shower, their home fills up with the smell of all the chemicals.

I live with my 90-year-old grandmother, and my parents themselves are seniors in their mid-60s. They already worry about their health as it is, being that they’re older, but now they have to worry about this? Imagine the thought of taking a shower to be clean, and we smell chemicals? No, thank you.

Never mind the other environmental risks. How about the animals that have died or the birth defects in the states where fracking is allowed? Cattle that we may use for meat, sick from the chemicals used for fracking? That doesn’t sound too healthy. There are other ways of finding jobs for people.

Kerri Ficke