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January 14, 2013

More guns are not the answer

The Daily Star

---- — The comments of a recent contributor to the paper encouraged me to respond to the concept of guns and their control. One has only to review the recent Times spotlight article on the arms race. 

The U.S. has the highest homicide rate by guns in the developed world. In Japan, firearms are banned. The number of homicides by guns — zero. Most European countries strictly control access to guns, and their death rate is 10-fold less than the US. More people died in Baltimore, Md., by guns than in the country of Great Britain by a factor of 6 in 2011. 

The idea that the solution to gun problems is more guns is beyond idiotic. The proposed solution to hire retired security personal is as senseless as requiring all students to be issued guns. We need strong and sensible control of guns so that we do not become Somalia.

Dr. W. Thomas Huntsman

Fly Creek