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January 22, 2013

Gun control just more bad politics

The Daily Star

---- — It seems really strange that suddenly all of the politicians have the same agenda (gun control), when during the budget fiasco, they acted like spoiled, irresponsible brats with no regard for national welfare shown except for party lines.

If a single-shot gun was used in a killing, would said gun be called an assault weapon, or would multiple clips be necessary to qualify as such? Dead is dead.

Blame for any shooting is always placed on the weapon, not the user or the abettor. Let’s use common sense. England banned guns, but in the 1940s this country sent all types of guns, donated by private U.S. citizens, for British home defense against anticipated German land invasion. The British population was emasculated by its own government.

I sincerely doubt if the Freedom of Information Act would reveal to the public the amount and scope of fully automatic weapons in the protection of some politicians who do not know what they are doing, and making the least sense. 

I don’t want to hear from the gullible, idiotic ACLU concerning this letter. 

Rudolph Kreck