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February 1, 2013

Fracking jeopardizes state's long-term health

The Daily Star

---- — Fracking jeopardizes state‚Äôs long-term health

Our state needs hope for the future. We need to revitalize our economy. We need to care for our society. We need to make wise use of and care for our environment. That is why we should oppose hydraulic fracturing.

The data have shown the following risks associated with hydraulic fracturing (fracking). In Wyoming, toxic fracking fluids have entered the drinking water. In Pennsylvania, methane from fracking has entered the drinking water. In Colorado, natural gas drilling is responsible for nearly half of all volatile air pollutants. In Ohio, hiding fracking waste underground has caused earthquakes. These are just the documented damages associated with fracking; others undoubtedly remain hidden for the time being.

If fracking takes place in New York, we will harm our economy in the long run, damage our health, and decimate our environment. Ultimately, we will have to turn to alternative energy sources once the fossil fuels run out. Why should we, needlessly, damage our home state by fracking before the transition to renewable energy occurs?

Instead of fracking, we should move forward with sustainable activities such as renewable energy, tourism, sustainable forestry, organic farming, craft brewing, cultural events and value-added agricultural products. These activities benefit the economy, society and environment in the long term.

Jack Tessier