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February 15, 2013

Preserve rights in Butternuts

The Daily Star

---- — Preserve rights

in Butternuts

“Butternuts Beware!”

“The Snowman cometh and the Snowman taketh away.” Yes, as sure as I am that the “snow” will melt some time this spring, so will your rights! I consider myself as a middle of the road fellow — I can see the “good” and the “maybe bad” sides to all issues we have in this “little” town of Butternuts. I don’t have to go to all the meetings to know what is going on.

Back to the “Snowman,” I don’t believe that it’s not going to cost us anything for the Copes Corner Park — really, do I look like an idiot? Who is paying for [1] the town workers; [2] the electric; [3] the upkeep (buildings and grounds); [4] insurance; [5] pumping of dump station; [6] grounds equipment-mowers-gas-trimmers; [7] getting the water supply corrected? (campgrounds require a person 24/7 on duty)?

Sounds to me it will be taxpayers! If one dollar of tax money is used and “the group operating” it uses any of the “non-profit” money against “any taxpayer” then we have a conflict! What side is the “Snowman” on?

What I really want to know is this group that wants to operate the park — what’s its “agenda”? It’s more than a place to camp or spend a day outdoors. That non-profit money, how will it be used? Are they going to reimburse the town (they better)?

Let’s play fair! Put all the cards on the table! Myself — all I stand to gain is just a whole lot of flak from the “Do-Gooders” who think they know what’s best for “all.” My problem is, I respect “their” opinion, so why don’t they respect “mine”? We used to be a “nice, quiet” community — what happened?

With time comes change — some can’t accept that.

Douglas Tobey