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Letters to the Editor

February 21, 2013

Obama has betrayed his oath of office

I thought as a Republican and a Giants fan that I needed to cover my head with a paper bag to hide my shame. But with Obama’s treasonous betrayal of his oath of office, I’m offering it to Delhi’s Grand Pooh Bah or any other loyal Obama “subject.”

Maybe Hannaford or Price Chopper can supply Democrats with paper bags. At least that would show a glimmer of honesty, but alas, honesty is not in their vocabulary.

Panetta, Clinton and Rice knew the truth about the massacres in Benghazi and that Obama was too busy playing “Emperor Barack” and rolling the dice in Vegas to protect both the interests of our country and the lives of its citizens. It was fun and games versus doing his job, and Obama chose fun and games. The blood of four Americans is on his hands. What a disgrace.

For days they all lied through their teeth, blaming the murder of the four Americans on a cockamamie videotape. Any third-grader could have seen through this deadly charade, and for Democrats and the media to both believe this bloody tale and defend Obama and his thugs is obscene. 

Had the truth been revealed, Mitt Romney would be our president now and at least bring a semblance of decency to the Oval Office. The truth is, Obama hid the truth to win the election and as Hillary said, “what difference does it make?”

If this happened during the Bush administration, the Democrats would have gone berserk and impeached him. Yet here we have a president who has a personal “kill list,” and he decided to kill the wrong people.

Finally, don’t forget about Obama’s private security force. Tyranny is looming.

William Eckardt

Cedar Park, Texas

(Eckardt is a former local resident)

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