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May 28, 2013

Gibson's position no help for murder victims

The Daily Star

---- — Recently I contacted Congressman Gibson with regard to his position on the King-Thompson bill now in the House. This bill, which passed in the Senate, calls for background checks on gun buyers in all commercial transactions, closing the loopholes that exist in online and gun show sales.

Gibson’s representative said Gibson did not support this bill because of concerns about the civil rights of people who had received mental health attention. He cited the case of a man who incorrectly had guns removed for a few days from his home who had received a prescription for Prozac. The representative added that Gibson  supported the bill condemning Violence Against Women.

The next day I learned of the shooting deaths of my friends of more than 40 years, Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary. They were good, kind, contributing people. Three children. They were killed in their home. They join the nearly 5,000 people killed by guns since Sandy Hook. From Omaha, they would not have made the East Coast news. A statistical drop in the bucket were my friends.

Gibson must be pleased to have found a position that enables him to tell the My-Gun-Is-My-Civil-Right people that he voted against further restriction on the ability to buy as many rounds of ammunition, clips, assault weapons, no checks, no questions asked, online or at shows, while telling the rest of us that he is concerned about the civil rights of the mentally ill and violence Against women.

Does being shot dead count as violence against a woman?

Is it a civil right to be able to answer your door without a weapon in your hand for self-defense?

Who speaks for the civil rights of the dead?

Mary Anne Whelan