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May 29, 2013

'List of the Harmed' 
is no laughing matter

The Daily Star

---- — I was very disappointed in the behavior of one of the Laurens Town Board members at the May 13 town board meeting. When a concerned citizen presented the board with an update to “The List of the Harmed,” one of the board members shared a demonstrably sarcastic smirk and chuckle with his pro-fracking supporters in the audience.

“The List of the Harmed” is a compilation of 1,352 cases, 158 of which were added since last month. It documents names of people involved, location, gas facility, manner of exposure, and symptoms that those affected have experienced, as well as sources for corroboration. The person who offered the update has provided the board with the original list and updates in the past. The list includes impacted individuals, including the elderly and children, and incidents of death or illness of dogs, cats, horses, cows and goats.

I urge people in this area to Google “List of the Harmed.” I particularly wish that those who are in favor of fracking could take a serious look at this information for their own sake and for the sake of those they love. These cases are not lies — as some have claimed in letters to this editor.

If the people in Laurens are wise, they will look over the list and keep the callous response of an elected official in mind when they cast their vote in November. Concerns of citizens should not be ridiculed, and certainly such a well-documented piece of information concerning health is no laughing matter. I urge people to attend the monthly meetings to see just what is and is not being done to protect them in the event of fracking coming to town, lest we find ourselves added to “The List of the Harmed.”

Carol Piciullo