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June 3, 2013

Selling the Manor a losing idea

The Daily Star

---- — That is right, just ask this newspaper, it has the answers, being an expert on anything and everything you could possibly want to know.

Case in point, the Otsego Manor, I’m going to ask the newspaper take a back seat on this one due to the fact that I know a lot more about this subject than it does. My wife has been a resident at the Manor for almost four years, so I go there on a regular basis. Several months ago, I went to a meeting wherein was disclosed by the administrator that due to cuts in Medicaid the Manor was now operating at a $3 million deficit and expected that figure to increase to $5 million by 2014.

Now in the paper, that figure is reported to be $11 million? Something is wrong with these figures. I think this information must have come from Stuligross, who is out in left field.

This paper has written that if the Manor has to be sold, the LDC should find a “responsible operator” to run the Manor. What criteria will the LDC utilize to determine who a “responsible operator” happens to be. If the Manor is privatized, who knows what and where it will cut services, personnel and patient care.

However, the bottom line is this, what fiscally responsible company would even consider taking over an operation that is losing millions of dollars annually. Here is one worst-case scenario, write it off as a tax break and close it!

David Perkins