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October 24, 2013

GOP more diverse than Kosmer says|

The Daily Star

---- — I was quite perplexed over the recent letter to the editor by county Representative John Kosmer.

His letter reads with the odd tone of that of a conspiracy theorist hunkered down in a basement wearing a tin-foil hat and predicting imminent doom.

More disturbing, Mr. Kosmer’s letter asserts misleading accusations that are void of any truth in a sad attempt to paint all Republican candidates with a broad brush so he can promote his single-focused concern over hydraulic fracturing.

While, yes, there are Republicans who support this process, it is certainly not the case across the entire party and is certainly not a grand conspiracy of Republican candidates talking in “secret code,” as Mr. Kosmer strangely asserts.

First, I am proud to say that the Otsego County GOP is a party of inclusion that accepts people with differing views and does not cast them aside over a disagreement. We believe that debate is healthy and that by having open discussion and discourse over issues it will result in what is in the best interest of the people of the county.

Further, if Mr. Kosmer took the time to do any basic research, he would have found that several Republican candidates have publicly stated positions in opposition to hydraulic fracturing.

Instead of recognizing our common ground, Mr. Kosmer resorted to the use of rhetoric and blatant misleading of the public — a politically motivated tactic in which we have all grown tired.

At a time when our county faces tough questions on how to address looming budget deficits and revenue shortfalls, it would be much more becoming of a county representative to help find solutions and answers than to sling mud in a self-serving manner on an issue where many of us find common ground.

Vince Casale


Casale is chairman of the Otsego County Republican Committee.