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October 29, 2013

Vote for experience, not hysteria

The Daily Star

---- — Your vote DOES count! Vote intelligently by knowing the truth about the issues. Do not be frightened by scare tactics and misinformation being circulated by recent residents of our area. Vote for our experienced locals who have lived here most of their lives and have supported the community by their active personal and financial involvement.

In my humble opinion, when longtime community benefactors, e.g. Zagata, Mirabito, Lusins and Brockway, are attacked, not only personally, but also through their business, it proves that the opposition is not facing the real issues. Beware the "sustainables" and "antis" who tell you that the air and water will be polluted if you do not agree with their beliefs and goals to "save the planet." Disbelievers in progress have been around for ages. In spite of them, fire was discovered, the wheel invented, electricity was harnessed, and we have the light bulb.

Obviously fracking is the only driving force on the sustainable agenda. First of all, the DEC, the courts and governor of New York will be making the final decision on fracking in New York. There are other issues confronting our area. 

We need representatives at all levels of government who are familiar with the people, their concerns, (e.g. higher taxes), their history, and their future needs. Our current representatives in office like Kathy Clark and Jim Powers and a few others in this county have been doing their jobs very well! Look closely at your town boards where they need members who have lived here and know their neighbors and want to make life the best it can be.

Let us get respect back in our towns, county, state and national government. This is still America, where most of us respect our Constitution and our flag!

Mary Bordinger

West Oneonta