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December 19, 2012

Legislators not acting in the public good

The Daily Star

---- — Too many New York state Assemblymen move ahead in promoting legislation despite little or no knowledge by voters/taxpayers of what is being done in our name.

Assemblymen Oaks, Finch, Crouch, Hawley, Barclay and Saladino have become sponsors of the “Natural Gas Infrastructure Act”(A05102). The act will allow $50 million of our public funds to be used for industry profit and industry benefit. Taxpayers get to pay for the network of pipelines and other such infrastructure that industry needs to make them profitable.

If only these assemblymen would use legislative power in support of green energy subsidies, but that kind of public-private partnership for the good of the whole is not in these Republicans’ playbook, while, apparently, industrialization of rural communities, is.

Earl Callahan

New Berlin