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July 14, 2011

Water, water everywhere

With the high heat and humidity of the last few days, everyone is either thinking about jumping in the water, or having some cool water to drink.

When you are thirsty, it's because you've lost more than 1 percent of the water in your body. There's lots of interesting facts about water that you may find interesting.

"¢ We all know that our bodies are about 70 percent water, but when a baby is born, its body is 80 percent water.

"¢We have heard over and over that we should drink eight cups of water per day, but a person can also drink too much water and get very sick. It causes an imbalance of water in the brain.

"¢ When you exercise really hard, the weight you lose is mostly from water.

"¢ Water in its pure form has a neutral pH of 7.

"¢ Did you know water can dissolve more things than any other liquid?

"¢ Nearly 75 percent of the surface of the Earth is covered with water, but there is more water underground than there is on the surface.

"¢ No new water is ever created, we just keep reusing the same water that was around millions of years ago.

"¢ In the U.S., 346,000 million gallons of water are used every day, and the average person uses between 80 and100 gallons per day.

If you had to guess what consumes the most water, what would you say? It's toilet flushing. Worldwide, only 62 percent of humans have access to good sanitation, and more people own cellphones than have access to toilets.

"¢ Nearly 85 percent of U.S. residents get their water from public water utilities. But even more interesting is that most of our water (80 percent) is used for irrigation and thermoelectric power.

"¢ The Earth contains about 326 million cubic miles of water, a statistic I can't even visualize. But even with so much water, we can only use the fresh water for living. Fresh water only accounts for 3 percent of all the water on earth, and 75 percent of that is frozen in the polar ice caps.

"¢Worldwide, waterborne diseases cause more than 1 million deaths every year, and half of hospitalizations are caused by these diseases.

We are very lucky to have good potable water in our area. To learn more about water, go to your favorite browser and search for "water facts." There's so much to know about water, it will make you thirsty.

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