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November 8, 2012

You don't need meat for mincemeat

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---- — What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word mincemeat? In some countries, mincemeat is the same thing as what we call hamburger in the United States. Here, mincemeat is a filling used for pies or other pastries. Originally, mincemeat always had meat and suet as part of the recipe, which included beef and even venison. Several decades ago, new recipes appeared featuring ingredients with shortening, and no animal products.

My favorite recipe for mincemeat is made from green tomatoes. The green tomatoes replace all the meat and suet. With the addition of other fruits and spices, this mixture is cooked for several hours, and in the end you have a wonderful batch of filling that can be used in pies and pastries. This mixture beats all other recipes for taste in my book. There are many recipes for green tomato mincemeat on the web and you can find one by typing “green tomato mincemeat” in your favorite browser. If you still have green tomatoes on hand, this is an easy way for you to use them up, or save a recipe for next year.

New Books

If you’d like to strengthen your skills in cooking fish, take a look at “Seafood Basics” by Abi Fawcett. Scores of recipes are presented in visual sequence to show you how to prepare seafood from start to finish. The instructions accompanying these photographs along with tips and variations.


Robin Monarch is a top-level CIA operative in “Rogue” by Mark Sullivan. During the middle of a classified operation, he suddenly walked away from it all. He returned to his former life as a thief. The CIA is not done with him, however. They carefully set a trap to lure him in and make him complete the mission he started several years ago.


Another thriller features Jimmy Nesheim as he goes undercover in the late 1930s when the FBI was just organizing. “Fear Itself” by Andrew Rosenheim highlights the Depression Era as Jimmy tries to infiltrate a pro-Nazi organization supporting Hitler. Jimmy finds himself caught up in political intrigue, secrets galore and a plot that could change history. This book is the first in a series featuring Agent Nesheim.


Hull is a port city in England where there have been a series of suspicious deaths. Detective Sgt. Aector McAvoy is sure the murderers are connected, but no one else on the force agrees with him. Officials are more concerned about arresting someone quickly than finding out who the true killer is. Follow McAvoy as he tries to find the killer in “The Dark Winter” by David John Mark.


A beautiful socialite turns up dead in Salt Lake City. Art Oveson has just started as a sheriff’s deputy when he is suddenly assigned the role of detective for this case. As he begins his search, he learns quickly that the city he thought was so clean and pure is riddled with blackmail, corruption and death. This murder mystery is based on a true story that still remains unsolved 80 years later. “City of Saints” is by Andrew Hunt.


Patrick McManus is a best-selling humorist, and his most recent collection is titled “The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories.” You’ll enjoy stories about a birding trip he and his wife took to Australia, how he was wandering naked in the chicken yard when guests came to call, and the importance of a forked stick when you are fishing. These and others will have you laughing aloud.


“A Bounty of Bead and Wire Necklaces” by Nathalie Mornu contains 50 jewelry projects that can be made by novices and experienced beaders. These necklaces are for both casual and formal wear. The beginning of the book explains the fundamentals of necklace making, and the projects are all illustrated with step-by-step instructions.


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