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March 29, 2012

Library has magazines for all interests

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The library subscribes to dozens and dozens of magazines. Not only can you borrow them for three weeks like you do with our books, you can "try on" a magazine before you decide to subscribe. Last year and this year we've added some new magazines, check these out:

"The Bark" is a dog culture magazine. There are articles on behavior, recipes for food and treats, activities to do with your dog, and how to travel with your dog easily. That's just a sampling of the many different topics explored in this bimonthly title.

"Digital Photo" is a great magazine to help you learn how to take better digital photographs. Issued bimonthly, you'll learn techniques for color and black-and-white. Articles on lighting, equipment, skills and more are regular features.

"Your Knitting Life" is full of knitting patterns for children and adults. Sweaters, hats, vests, dresses, scarves, baby items, accessories and more are available. Issued every other month, color photos and large print make for easy reading. This magazine was formerly known as "Knitting Today."

Jewelry makers will want to read "Bead Style," which contains projects for all skill levels. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more fill each bimonthly issue. Step-by-step instructions with photos are easy to follow. You will also learn about the many different products available for making jewelry.

"Scientific American Mind" helps you learn all about your brain and the things that go on inside of it. Each issue is filled with fascinating stories and the discoveries being made by researchers. If you like learning new things, this is a great magazine to read.

"Diabetic Living" is filled with recipes to help keep your diabetes under control. The most recent issue contains articles on making meals that last all week, techniques for getting more rest, and new snacks to try. Medical articles containing the latest discoveries on diabetes are also included.

Children's Books

"Take Your Mama to Work Today" by Amy Reichert follows a little girl as she "helps" all the adults at her mother's workplace. She has to push all the elevator buttons for the grownups, help the boss get ready for show and tell, answer the phone and remember to push the hold button before hanging up, and oh, so many more duties. Parents will enjoy this book maybe just as much or a little more than their children.

Play hide-and-seek with Martine Perrin's "Cock-a-Doodle-Who?" and look for animals and the people with live with them. This die-cut book will find children paging back and forth to see the animals and humans and the unique patterns that represent them.

There's nothing finer than watching children "get" a joke. "Just Joking" published by National Geographic Society, contains 300 jokes, knock knocks, riddles and tongue twisters. In addition to all these fun things, the photographs of animals are fantastic and even contain tidbits of information scattered throughout.

Youngsters just learning about baseball will be interested in Peter Golenbock's "ABCs of Baseball." Using the letters of the alphabet, the author gives children all the basic information they need to know about the sport. At the back of the book are pages of facts, figures, lists and other baseball background information.

In "Dini Dinosaur" by Karen Beaumont, little Dini is covered in dirt. When his mother sees him, she announces it is time for a bath. So Dini gets in the tub and scrubs his dirty feet. But wait, he still has his shoes on. Mom takes his shoes off and sticks him back in the tub. Dini starts to scrub his legs. But wait, he still has his pants on. Mom takes those off and sticks him back in the tub. And so it goes. Youngsters will giggle at Dini's bath time and they may be tempted to try it, too.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at