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August 9, 2012

Listen to your gut

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Have you ever been trying to make a decision and are torn between two different options? Do you make a logical choice or "go with your gut?" Researchers have actually discovered that when our "gut" tells us to do something, we should listen to it, because our brain and our gut are connected. Scientists call the gut the second brain, because the brain sends stress hormones to our gut to get our quick attention. We can lose our appetite, get a stomachache, become nauseous, be aware of a threat and more. Your gut is smart; pay attention to it.

There are many expressions that are linked to our guts. Here are just a few, see how many you regularly use. Gut instinct, gut reaction, gut check, have guts, intestinal fortitude, gut feeling, my gut is talking to me, bust a gut, it takes guts, and so on. My gut "talks" to me regularly, how about yours?

Newly Arrived

Gemma is happy in her new business as a private chef to six clients. Each of her clients has certain likes and dislikes and she accommodates them all, and for her, cooking is predictable. When her private life takes an unexpected turn, she realizes she has to face her past and move on, but it isn't necessarily as easy as following a recipe. You want to read "When in Doubt, Add Butter," a novel by Elizabeth Harbison.

Nola Cespedes is assigned her first full-length feature for an Atlanta newspaper in "Hell or High Water" by Joy Castro. During her investigation, she learns about a tourist missing in the French Quarter. She discovers that there is a violent criminal underworld which she knew nothing about. This thriller will have you following Nola's every move as she tries to uncover the puzzle.

"Bagpipes, Brides, and Homicides" is Kaitlyn Dunnett's latest Liss MacCrimmon Scottish mystery. Liss is planning a very simple wedding for her fiancé and herself, but her mother wants a much-more-elaborate affair. The wedding is planned for a weekend when there is a Highland Game festival planned. But when a college professor is killed by his own reproduction of a broadsword and her father is one of the suspects, Liss knows that she has to help solve the mystery if her father is going to walk her down the aisle.

Children's Books

"Create with Maisy" by Lucy Cousins is an arts-and-crafts book for young children with lots of projects. You can use common objects found around the house to make a variety of crafts. There are necklaces, butterflies, a pencil holder, vegetable characters, magic wax paintings and more. Lots of fun for everyone.

A young child spends a lot of time in the time-out corner and it's pretty boring there. Using some imagination, the child decides the corner needs sprucing up and imagines what it would be like to add a window with a view, a dinosaur or three, and maybe even a monster. Follow this child's imagination in Jean Reidy's "Time Out for Monsters." The ending is just the best.

There's lots to learn about apples and Margaret McNamara's "Apples A to Z" uses an alphabet book format to teach children all about the fruit. From the buds to the harvest and lots between, you'll be surprised at how all this information tidily fits into the ABC's. There are even some apple riddles to make you giggle.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at