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March 14, 2013

What's in a name? For Nabisco, a nearby town

The Daily Star

---- — Words and names fascinate me. 

Sometimes we say words, but never think about where they originated. Recently, I was reading a book on food names and learned how Fig Newtons got their name. In 1898, the Kennedy Biscuit Co. was one of several New England bakeries that merged. They formed a company called the National Biscuit Co., nicknamed Nabisco. What an interesting name formation from three words. When the company developed a new product, they always named the item after local areas. A fig cookie was created in 1891 which they named for Newton, Mass. Fig Newtons became a favorite very quickly and has been manufactured continuously since then.

Cookies are one of my favorite things, and there is a cardinal rule by which a cookie eater (me) must always abide. You always have to have two, one for each hand. Oh, and a glass of milk. My husband doesn’t even ask anymore — he just hands me two. Total satisfaction.


We’ve received many new children’s books from the Ricky J. Parisian Memorial Foundation. Check out some of these new titles for your children.

“The Very Beary Tooth Fairy” by Arthur Levine follows little bear Zach who has a loose tooth. His family is going on a picnic, and his mom warns him to stay away from people. He wonders who the tooth fairy might be, and if it is a human, will she visit him when he loses his tooth? When his tooth finally falls out, he tucks it under his pillow and hopes for a visit. Will the tooth fairy visit him?


Dump trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, graders, and more will captivate children in “Construction Kitties” by Judy Goodwin-Sturges. These kitties work hard all day long on the machines as they build something. Young children will eagerly follow along to find out what they are building.


David Martin has written “Peep and Ducky” who are two friends out to play on a warm day. The rhyming text finds them sliding, running, splashing, eating and more while they are outside.


Betty Bunny broke a lamp and blames it on someone else in “Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It” by Michael Kaplan. When something else gets broken and she really didn’t do it, no one believes her. She needs to figure out the right thing, and with help from her family she learns about honesty.


Baby animals have their own names, as toddlers will learn in “Chuckling Ducklings and Baby Animal Friends” by Aaron Zenz. From cub to pup, calf to chick, the large variety of names will encourage children to learn lots of new words. At the end of this board book, children will see head shots of the animal with the name at the top of the drawing and the baby name underneath.


Little Duck is in a big hurry in the board book “Quick Duck!” by Mary Murphy. He’s going around, under, through, over, and where on earth is he headed?


“Rain, Rain Go Away!” by Caroline Jayne Church is a perfect board book for teaching toddlers the favorite rhyme. They’ll want to follow along and then “read” it to you in this cleverly illustrated book. Perfect for a rainy day and helping the sun come out.


“Just Joking” contains 300 jokes, tongue twisters, riddles, and more fun things for children to read. Be warned, the children will just have to tell you so many of the jokes, and you’ll want to try your hand at the tongue twisters.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at