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May 10, 2012

Learn about beads and gemstones

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Linda Fink is a local jewelry maker and will offer a program at Huntington Memorial Library at 7 p.m. Monday, May 21. She will talk about beads and gemstones, their properties and where they are found. Participants will then make a bracelet. Registration is required, due to limited space, and there is a $5 charge for materials, payable at the time of the workshop. Register in person or by calling us at 432-1980. This program is sponsored by the Friends of Huntington Memorial Library.

School Budget

Two copies of the Oneonta school budget are available for viewing at the library. There are also brochures to take that explain the propositions up for voting. Be an informed voter and stop at the library to look at these materials before the vote on Tuesday.

Spring Reading

The Seaside Knitters are helping Izzy Perry prepare her yarn studio for the upcoming tourist season in the novel "A Fatal Fleece" by Sally Goldenbaum. But, trouble quickly surfaces. Birdie has her hands full with a granddaughter she didn't know existed and who quickly becomes a fixture in the town. Lobster woman Cass Halloran finds the body of an old reclusive fisherman, whom she knew well, and she becomes a suspect in his murder. The Seaside Knitters are in high gear to help catch the killer.

"Masonry" is a do-it-yourself guide to working with concrete, brick, block and stone. Instructions and techniques are included for working with mortar, brick, concrete and more. Illustrations and photos throughout the book show you the step-by-step procedures for getting your project completed.

Faith Darling decides to have a garage sale, which doesn't sound unusual, but she's been a recluse for 20 years. As the richest lady in Bass, Texas, this definitely becomes an event. Faith is selling everything in her mansion for ridiculously low prices. The folks in town are grabbing five generations worth of heirlooms. But why is this happening? Find out in "Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale," a novel by Lynda Stephenson.

Kelsey Banfield spent hours in the kitchen, and enjoyed cooking without regard to the clock. After she gave birth, she suddenly had no time to cook, and longed for days when meals were prepared from something other than a box. She decided to take things into her own hands to return cooking to her life. Find out how to prepare great family meals when you have little time in "The Naptime Chef."

Children's Books

It won't be long before we'll see frogs everywhere. You and your children can learn all about them in Laurence Pringle's "Frogs!" Frogs can be slippery, bumpy and poisonous and all have long back legs. They all go through amazing changes and can vary in size from being as tiny as your fingernail to as large as your two hands. This is a fun way to learn all about frogs.

Little Puffin wants to take a walk in the fresh air. But three little gulls follow him everywhere he goes and mimic everything he does. He is annoyed. Can he get the three little gulls off his back? Find out in "Don't Copy Me!" by Jonathan Allen.

"My No, No, No Day!" is by Rebecca Patterson. Bella is having a very bad day and it goes from bad to worse as the day progresses. She hated breakfast, her shoes pinched, her baby brother was adored by others, she couldn't play well with her friends, and on, and on. By the end of the day everyone was glad that it was bedtime. Will she be in a better mood tomorrow?

Library Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday.

Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at