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May 16, 2013

Foundation gift builds children's collection

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---- — Every year Huntington Memorial Library is fortunate in receiving funds from The Ricky J. Parisian Memorial Foundation to purchase books for the children’s collection. We have just received these books as part of our 2013 grant:

Wendy and her family often go for walks on Rambling Road. Each one of them sees something different, but it is Wendy who picks up a variety of things she sees each time they walk. Her family doesn’t understand why she collects all these things in “When We Go Walking” by Carl Best. They will come in handy when there’s a snowy day and the family can’t go for a walk. Wait till you see what she does with all this stuff.

A group of giants would love to learn how to dance and Lexy is ready for the challenge of teaching them. Things don’t quite go according to plan in “Giant Dance Party” by Betsy Bird. Lexy shows the giants that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and it takes imagination, perseverance, and even a bit of friendship to accomplish the task.

If you need some fun ideas for things to make and do outside, take a look at “Outdoor Crafts,” a Dorling Kindersley book. You can plant things, make labels for them, take care of them, and then make good things to eat from them as well as turn some of them into crafts. Loads of fun for all ages.


“10 Plants That Shook the World” by Gillian Richardson shows readers how these plants changed the history of the world and the lives of many people. Can you guess what plants those may be? Rubber is one, chocolate is another. Tea, cotton, potatoes and sugarcane were plants that created fortunes and big businesses. Pepper even started a war. These and other plants have made our lives very different and both children and adults will enjoy reading this book.


The setting is the New York City Police Department typing pool in 1923. Rose is a typist in the department and her specialty is confessions. She can change someone’s life forever by what she types, but after work, she is still viewed as a woman with little worth. It’s a new era for women in “The Other Typist” by Suzanne Rindell. The Victorian standards are out and women are cutting their hair short, smoking and going to speakeasies, which makes Rose uncomfortable. When Odalie joins the typing pool, she shows Rose what fun they can have after a day of work. But Rose isn’t prepared for the high stakes that come with this new night life and she may never recover from how it changes her life.

The popularity of canning is steadily growing and you’ll want to be up to date with some great new recipes. Take a look at Ball’s “Complete Books of Home Preserving,” which contains 400 recipes for fruits and vegetables. If you are new to canning, you’ll learn about the needed equipment, preparation, processing time and a host of other things. The recipes offered use many common ingredients, that when cooked, result in many tasty foods that you will enjoy all throughout the year.


Osteoporosis is a common affliction among women, but it doesn’t have to be according to Lara Pizzorno, author of “Your Bones.” Learn how to have strong, healthy bones and prevent the disease naturally by relying on diet, supplements, and exercise. She also discusses the dangers of prescriptions drugs, citing recent studies and adverse effects of using them.


Walter Cronkite was an and internationally known reporter who served as a war correspondent during World War II. He wrote letters home to his wife several times a week and they are now published in “Cronkite’s War.” These letters often had passages detailing incidents that weren’t included in his working reports. They also detailed his love for Betsy in this touching book.

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Marie Bruni is director of Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. Her column appears in the community section of The Daily Star every Thursday. Her columns can be found online at